Certified Move-in Ready in 10 Days or Less!

Our company is committed to making the process of moving into a new house a breeze. Fast, Easy, and Convenient, we are taking the stress out of the real estate transaction. For Sellers and Buyers alike, in ten days or less, our skilled Pit Krewe can transform any house into a move-in ready home. Let us make this a stress-free experience for you and your family!

Brand New Kitchen

We can do everything...

From painting, replacing flooring, making repairs, deep cleaning, to improving the curb appeal. We have you covered! The payment for our services, no matter if you are the buyer or seller, can potentially be deferred to the closing statement.*

*Condition may apply



Do you feel overwhelmed by everything, you need to do at your house prior to
selling? Do you want to net the most out of your biggest asset, your home? 

Most of the sellers feels the same.

 We will prepare your home for sale in ten days and less, potentially defer the payment of all our services at closing so you can close faster and get more for your house.

  Do not miss out on showings, on potential buyers that like your house but cannot afford to pay out of the pocket for painting or repairs.  

 Buyers pay an average of six percent more on the homes that are move-in ready than homes that are not.

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The market is hot! Making multiple offers is the norm in today’s market. What if you really like the house you just saw but you absolutely cannot afford the time or money that you will need to get the house ready to move-in?


Do not miss out on your dream home! We made it our mission to get you into your home fast. Making your experience easy and convenient.


Potentially without any money out of your pocket, we will get your dream house move-in ready in ten days or less after closing.



Regardless of which side of the transaction you are representing, a transaction goes smoother if the house is in move-in ready condition. The Pit Krewe is here to ensure move-in ready status is Fast, Easy, and Convenient. By partnering with The Pit Krewe, we not only give you your time back but we also make you look amazing with your sellers and buyers. Our goal is to help you close more transactions and receive more referrals.


Listing Agents

The competition for real estate agents is fierce. More and more real estate firms are offering concierge services as a tool to attract more listings. The current environment is requiring you to differentiate yourself, to stay viable. You can either increase your perceived value or discount your commission. Which do you prefer?


How do you feel when you need to coordinate and wait for the cleaning lady or the painter to get the listing ready? Wouldn’t you prefer to spend that time marketing existing listings or lead generate for more buyers and sellers?


With The Pit Krewe, we will increase your perceived value and you will never have to discount your commission again.

Buyer's Agents

Are you tired of showing multiple homes to potential buyers, signing a contract, and watching it fall apart before the contingency period is over?

Do you have buyers that do not want to submit an offer for their dream home because it is not in move-in ready condition?


No matter what side you are representing you can determine the outcome of the transaction. You will be able to ensure that your transaction goes to the closing table where everybody gets paid!


Call The Pit Krewe and you will become a solution resource, being proactive instead of reactive to the stress that happens during any real estate transaction.

The Pit Krewe performs ONLY "none specialty" work under a handyman definition by the DPBR under Florida law.  In the State of Florida, there is no required contractor’s license to perform basic handyman services in exchange for money.  The Pit Krewe holds two million dollar liability insurance and worker comps and is creating numerous well-paid local jobs 


Let’s Get Going!

Serving Pasco County, Pinellas County, Manatee County, and Hillsborough County Florida




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