Before & After

Exterior Revamp

The job was no easy feat. The goal was to secure the structural integrity while also adding a contemporary style. With careful planning, preparation, and execution, you can see the unique and wonderful finished product.


Family Room Paint

The biggest challenge was making widespread changes to space while simultaneously focusing on the finer, more precise details of the room. From start to finish, it was fun to add both function and style, making this property even more beautiful.

Untitled design (2).png

Kitchen Upgrades

A kitchen can be updated with a few in expensive upgrades, The Pit Krewe can make it look it has just been remodeled. 

We can paint the cabinets inside and out, change handles to give a more modern look and resurface a countertop, giving it a brand new move in ready feel. 

This will allow your kitchen, one of the most important rooms in your home, to invite the RIGHT Buyer, someone who will love it just like you.  We make them fall in love with your home.

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